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Welcome to Wise FM

We offer a wide range of Management Consultancy, Asset and Funds Management, Facilities Management and Integration, Business Change Management, Outsource and Procurement, Trading and Negotiations in the UK, Europe and Americas.


We partner with our clients from start to finish, considering their needs while bringing inovation, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions so whatever your needs are you can trust in our stewardship and absolute focus on results!

We aim to make long-term investments, keeping strong relationships with our clients and longevity in the services we provide also supporting our clients’ long-term vision and objectives, aligned with their business strategies at all times, hence the reason why we carefully select the clients and projects we engage with.

We have been managing businesses for some of the nation’s most recognised corporations in the UK and working with a wide range of blue-chip private and public sector companies. Our expertise, care, technology, insight and target on sustainability pave a succesfull way helping our clients to achieve excellent results.

You certainly got referred by someone to our website as we do not advertise, and due to the nature of our activities, we provide a rather minimalist and confidential form of first contact so we would like to kindly ask you to please email us on

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